Free Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files

EaseUS(1)In today’s era of big data, one is always afraid of data loss. Data is growing exponentially but on similar lines computing power is not growing. It is becoming need of time that effective management of this data is done. Data is susceptible to loss and every user should want his or her data to be secured and recovered in loss situation. Here in this article we present to our readers recovery software from EaseUS.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard comes with a variety of features for the users. Below mentioned are the features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

  • User can recover upto 2 GB of data using this software.
  • Supports different kinds of data loss situations like deleted, formatted,  inaccessible from different data loss situations.
  • Recover data for various kinds of data files like photos, documents, videos, audios, emails, compressed files, etc.
  • Supports data recovery from different kinds of data sources like Computers, Laptops, Hard Disk Drives, Flash Drives, USB Drives, RAID, etc
  • Recover data from Lost Partitions. It can recover data from hidden lost or raw partition
  • Provides data to be recovered by scanning storage device in deep level.
  • Exports and Imports can be done on the scanning results with help of this software.

There are some additional features that one may opt from EaseUS in its additional commercial products. Below mentioned are commercial products of  EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard .

  • Data Recovery Wizard Pro :- $69.95. Free Lifetime upgrade, Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • Data Recovery Wizard Pro+ WinPE :- $99.90 . Bootable media for recovery in case of boot failures or crashes.
  • Data Recovery Wizard Technician:- $499.00 This is techniciam license. Here user can provide technical support to his clients with this license.

Steps involved in recovery are very simple

Step1: Install the Software and Launch the Software

Step 2: Scan the devices for recovery

Step 3: Preview and Recover the Lost Files


The working of data recovery is so simple and effective that even a non computer expert person can  work on its features. The data recovery software is so user friendly that with no hick ups one can recover his or her lost data in quick period of time.

Why to Consider Unlocking Your Smart Phone

These days, people have many windows to the world. However, few of them are more frequently utilized than smart phones. Whether you’re at home, at work or on the go, a good smart phone enables you to surf the web, connect with friends and engage in countless other activities. Unfortunately, a number of prominent phone manufacturers – most notably Apple – ship their products with built-in restrictions, effectively limiting what people can do with their smart phones. By having your phone unlocked – i.e., freed from its manufacturer-mandated restrictions – you can dramatically expand the device’s capabilities.

The Ability to Change Carriers

One of the best reasons to unlock your Apple device or smart phone is having the ability to change carriers. In many cases, manufacturers dictate which carriers are acceptable for their devices. If you have a problem with this, these manufacturers would have you believe that your only course of action is finding a new smart phone. However, once your phone is unlocked, you’ll be able to switch to the carrier of your choice. Your carrier options shouldn’t be limited to companies your phone’s manufacturer approves of – and unlocking your device ensures that you have final say on the matter.

International Calling is a Breeze

If you do a fair amount of traveling abroad, unlocking your phone stands to save you a great deal of money. Instead of paying your manufacturer-mandated carrier’s partners international rates, you’ll be able to swap out your phone’s regular SIM card for a local one, significantly reducing your phone bill in the process. As you’ll find, most foreign countries offer much more affordable phone service that what you’ll find in the U.S.

You’ll Increase the Value of Your Phone

When it comes time to upgrade your smart phone, you can make some extra money by selling your current one. When searching for a suitable buyer, you’ll quickly find that people are far more willing to pay top dollar for an unlocked phone than one that’s still hindered by the manufacturer’s preset limitations.

Even though you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who leaves home without their mobile devices, very few people are 100 percent satisfied with their respective phones. Thanks to manufacturer presets, most smart phones are unable to live up to their full potential. This is where unlocking enters the picture. Freeing your phone from the shackles of its manufacturer gives the device a new lease on life, makes it easier to use and helps increase its value.

Connectivity USB and More in the Future

From visiting websites filled with technology news and information like, it becomes obvious modern technology will continue to grow. Amongst the abundant pieces of modern technology, there is the USB 3.0 that becomes more and more popular. Little by little, slowly but surely, this newer version of USB gets more attention and replacing its predecessor the USB 2.0. It’s a natural thing to see as the latest version is faster compare to the other versions before it. It won’t take over the place of USB 2.0 immediately but will take the needed process to be the only thing needed by the people who want to use electronic devices.

USB 3.0 is not the only newer things being used by a variety of electronic devices. Here are newer versions to be found out there and many manufacturers even agreed to use another type of USB in place of the USB 3.0. Despite the news of the new USB to take the role of USB 3.0, this particular option is still used in a variety of products. It may not be the latest but it is the most useful for the time being. It may not be the best but it certainly improved from the previous model of USB.

With how fast the shift of USB types in the industry, manufacturers may want to quickly make changes into their products. However, the market does not seem to continue the will to shift or change for way too soon. The market will move slowly and the manufacturers need to keep an eye on the market. If the mood in the market is changed, making changes can be done. It will take a while before people can change from USB 3.0 to the newer one. Looking at the rapid development speed, it may need a few more years.

What is the future of Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a fast moving industry, with fantastic advancements being made all the time. If you were to look at the beginning of the Digital Signage industry you can see how far the sector has come in such a short period of time, but now the question is where is Digital Signage going? What exactly does the future of the Digital Signage industry look like?

Digital Signage by definition should be “future proof” in itself to some extent and it is one of the largest developing markets in the tech sector. That being said if the correct research isn’t carried out or you don’t ask the right questions of your Digital Signage supplier, you could end up with products that are already out dated by the time you have them.

The obvious point to make that in the future you will be able to get more for your money when it comes to Digital Signage. With the technology growing and more people adopting it, the price of manufacturing all the different kinds of displays falls and these costs can be passed onto customers. This won’t happen overnight however and seems unfair but in 10 years’ time you will be able to get more Digital Signage then you could get today, whether it be purely in the number of screens or more features integrated into it.

The first factor to consider about the future of Digital Signage is the hardware. Our Android Advertising Displays are built with commercial grade components like their LCD panels and the internal Android media player. Their enclosure is made of a tempered glass front and aluminium bezel that not only protects the components but is also designed to visually differentiate the displays from other LCD products such as tvs and computer monitors. I believe that in the future Android Advertising Displays will get slimmer and slimmer, this was the case earlier this year when we upgraded our Android Freestanding Digital Posters to a new super-slim style to great success. Screens are not the only thing getting thinner in the future, I predict the bezels will follow this trend. Video Wall Bezels are year on year getting smaller and smaller to create the most “seamless” viewing experience possible. Our current Video Wall displays have a bezel size of just 3.5mm but I forecast they will get thinner then that. Outdoor Digital Signage’s enclosure has always been a big stumbling block in its growth. In the past the enclosures were so clunky and expensive that it limited its development. Only now are we starting to see Outdoor Digital Displays enclosures that are economically viable and visually appealing too. We have just hit the turning point with Outdoor Digital Signage and we all reap to gain the benefits in the future.

The LCD screens themselves will also evolve over time, the latest fad in the television sector has been 4K TVs and I believe that 4K will eventually transfer over to Digital Signage. Although Digital Signage displays and televisions are not the same I believe the expectations from customers for the resolution will make it a requirement for Digital Signage. High Brightness Monitors and Outdoor Digital Signage are two products that also stand to gain in the future. As they both rely on ultra-high brightness LCD panels I believe that they will only get brighter with time.

The Touch Screen market is where I believe that the biggest advancements will be made. This sector is just waiting to explode and reach the masses. Infrared touch technology has been the only viable option for commercial touch screens. But the exponential growth of smartphones and tablets means that PCAP touch technology has now reached a stage where it too, can be a viable option for commercial touch displays. Thomas Fraser-Bacon from Allsee Technologies Ltd said “The tipping point for touch screens though will be when touch CMS becomes available that makes it possible for touch screen owners to easily create their own touch content themselves. This possibility is not as far away as you might think.”

The future of Digital Signage will be built upon its past. Big advancements can only be made when people invest in Digital Signage today. In plain terms the future of Digital Signage as I have described so far will only arrive when the cost of producing the screens and features becomes possible on a financial level. There is no use sitting around waiting for the future with Digital Signage, because it will only arrive with the investment in Digital Signage today.


Advantages of Using SSD Instead of HDD

Choosing a web host is very common to be done these days because everyone needs a technology like this. When you are going to choose a web host, you need to choose the type of the drive. You can choose between the solid state drive (SSD) or hard disk drive (HDD). Each of them is different and they have their own plus and minus side. However, from the cost aspect, hard disk drive is usually cheaper so that a lot of people prefer to use it. However, SSD is actually way better than the other type. Why? Below are the reasons.

  1. It Has Great Performance

Even though hard disk is more popular, only a few people know that the solid state drive can perform way faster. SSD does not need any mechanical movement in order to access the data of the website. That is why it can perform way better and faster. Beside of that, it can help your website to process everything better including the SEO and also prevent the website from lagging so that visitors can be very pleased when visiting your website.

  1. It Has High Durability

HDD is known to be very sensitive. So, small errors can cause huge data loss if you use it. Beside of that, the change of the temperature on the hardware of the computer can also cause this data loss. The data loss can be permanent. This is never going to happen when you use SSD. Basically, it has better immune system so that it is stronger than the hard disk type. It is less prone to data loss or damage. Eventually, SSD is going to be more durable than the other type

Those are only two advantages of using SSD. There are many more of them. If you want to find out, just check out and you will get the information that you need about it.

Dealing with Electric and Magnetic Fields at Home: Meters to Safety

If it comes to your health, don’t risk. If it comes to your health and your environment, don’t ever risk. And if it comes to your family’s risk, don’t ever try to have a chance on getting closer anywhere near that. Electric and magnetic fields meters can be your answer to get through this problem. What kind of problems? If you list one or two, if you find one hypersensitivity towards all electromagnetic stuff, then having this meters would be very helpful. How it is helpful is not a mystery. The product is sold for public but do you know how to choose the best one? By knowing what products that cost some of your income!

Make sure all these things stated below to get the best meters with the best quality. Make sure that you choose the one that can both invest your health, and decreasing the danger that sometimes occur in your beloved house. The best one is the one that can both detect electric and magnetic fields. The two elements brought together in air conditioning system. If your daily is related so much with air conditioning system, then having this meter will be very helpful to make the danger futile.

Then what can be better than that? The one that can even be better than that is having the accessories as well. Accessories do not only function to give a safety feeling to maintain your meter, but also to give you a relieved feeling once when the technician steps out of your house. Thus, learning by doing could never go wrong. Besides, the accessories will keep your tools well invested, making it able for you to use it for a long time and not have a need to buy more. What are you waiting for? The meters that can give a safety to your house, to you, and your family is all in EMF meters.



Printed signs come in various colors, shapes and sizes and can be made from different kinds of materials. While some people might be interested in designing a political, yard, security or parking sign, others may want signs to promote events and other social function. These signs are used to create awareness about a particular product or service to target audience. Materials used for print signs must be durable and resistant to weather elements such as the wind, rain, sunlight, and snow. Some businesses often require customized printed yard signs. For instance a real estate company would want a large quantity of signs which are customized to include their contact information for signs they want to place in the yards of the property on sale.

For individuals or groups interested in getting print sign design, it is very important to check through a catalog of fonts to identify the right one that could perfectly communicate your message. An appealing font is desirable so long as it is legible. Also, make sure the font color is attractive. Printing signs really goes a long way in helping businesses increase revenue. Printing company Worcestershire offers a wide range of services that help individuals and business achieve a professional finish when it comes to printed signs. If you are contemplating a DIY print job, you should know it is very difficult to achieve the perfect finish. In order to avoid mistakes and guarantee high quality job, consider hiring the services of a professional printing company. Printing company Herefordshire offers top notch solutions for a wide range of printing projects and they will offer a customized services to suit a particular budget.

Printing Companies Give a Professional Finish

– Select a printing service provider that makes use of the latest printing software. You can be quite sure that a MPS provider that has acquired the latest print software will go the extra mile to keep your business floating by offering proactive services to your business thereby reducing machine downtime.

– Choose a MPS provider that can provide you with a range of options based on your business requirements. A good printing service provider should be able to devise strategies that will help increase your business output.

With the above tips, you should be able to select the most suitable MPS provider for your business and also harness the numerous opportunities that comes with quality printing in advertisement to promote and expand your business.

The Best Gadgets to Keep an Eye Out for this Spring

With warmer weather ahead and spring just around the corner, many of us are keeping up to date with all of the latest electronic gadgets on the market. So, what items do many experts feel are the top picks for 2016 and how have their unique features allowed them to be truly amazing? Let us look at the top five must-have gadgets for the months ahead.

The Ubiquitous Drone

What appeared to be a fictional creation only a handful of years ago has now become a reality. Indeed, drones seem to be popping up everywhere. From taking hovering “selfies” to getting a bird’s eye view of a landscape while hiking, these amazing instruments are as versatile as they are affordable. In fact, the modern drone is so easy to fly that even a child should have few problems learning the basic techniques. Some of the most popular (and affordable) brands include:

  • The Parrot Disco
  • The Husban X4 H107C
  • THe Sky Viper HD V950 Video Drone
  • The Heli-Max 1SQ RTF Quadcopter with 2.4Ghz Radio

Many of these models are quite compact and durable; ideal for everyday use.

The “Cota” Charger by Ossia Wireless Charging

If you have been frustrated at those so-called “wireless” chargers that are anything but free from wires, the Cota charger manufactured by Ossia is worth a closer look. This system truly embraces wireless charging technology. It is able to send up to one watt of power to devices such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Although the time required to achieve full power is four times as slow as a traditional cable-fed service, this wireless alternative is a great feature to have within the home or the office.

Wireless Earbuds

Why not continue with the wireless craze by taking a look at a pair of wireless earbuds offered by Bragi Dash? Anyone who is an active individual certainly appreciates the benefits that wire-free earbuds have to offer and this new version boasts unsurpassed audio quality while noise-cancelling features are offered as standard. Specifically designed to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, the units are waterproof, shatter resistant and lightweight.

Transparent Television Displays

This rather large gadget is worth a mention simply due to its futuristic appeal. In fact, it appears to have been plucked from movies such as I, Robot or Minority Report. Manufactured by Panasonic, this translucent television can be transformed from what appears to be a pane of tinted glass to a high-definition with the click of a button. With a full resolution of 1080 pixels, you will be able to enjoy all of your favourite television programmes without sacrificing quality. This is a great addition for the home that seems to have every modern gadget in existence.

The Sensorwake Smell Alarm

If you have difficulty waking up in the morning to a blaring alarm, you will be in for a pleasant surprise this spring. The Sensorwake Smell Alarm comes fully equipped with a number of different diffusers which contain unique smells (you can choose the particular odour). As opposed to an audible alarm, the diffuser is activated and a scent will emit for three-minute intervals. Some of the smells currently available include coffee, mint and even the tempting aroma of money!

These five gadgets are all must-have items for anyone who wants to keep ahead of the ever-evolving technological curve. Not only are all of these items are extremely functional, but they can each be purchased without straining what may prove to be a tight budget. And of course to ensure that you they are always protected its always worth looking at getting technology gadget insurance which is becoming available an increasingly diverse range of technology products.

Outdoor Smartphone at Reasonable Price

 Outdoor Smartphone at Reasonable Price

The best thing about smartphone these days is it comes with almost unlimited applications for various purposes. It seems we can find varieties of apps to meet our interests. It is even surprising that there are apps suitable to support outdoor activities and we can really find it useful. Let’s say from digital maps, GPS tracking apps, digital compass, first rescue guideline apps, and many more. You can imagine it would be really helpful to have those apps to support your outdoor adventure.

The problem will be most smartphone models are not made to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. Those smartphones are vulnerable to dust and water as well as easy to break. Off course there are specific models of adventure smartphone with dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof feature but most of them are premium models that will cost you a fortune. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get what you need. You can always count on TVC-Mall, the best online store where we can find large selections of gadgets and accessories at wholesale products. Thinking about waterproof dustproof shockproof cellphone at reasonable price, take a look at IMAN i6 Smartphone offered there at special price.

This smartphone may not have fancy name but it has just everything you need. IMAN i6 Walkie Talkie Smartphone 4.7-inch, Waterproof Dustproof Shockproof, 2+32GB NFC – Black has complete features of smartphone with rugged casing and display protection to become a reliable communication device in outdoor environment. Inside the rugged casing, you can find Android powered smartphone with extra power battery. It has features you need for your adventure from GPS, NFC, to almost unlimited apps you can get. This smartphone also dual functioning as walkie talkie and yes, it means, you have reliable communication device even when you are out of cellphone network coverage. Learn more about this smartphone and order it today from TVC-Mall.

Why Migrating Application from System36 to Linux?

Doing the legacy application migration is something that is often done nowadays. Many applications are migrated from System36 to Linux. There are many reasons why people or developers do that kind of migration. However, it is basically because Linux is more sophisticated and it has better features to keep the application going well. Below, you will read more information about it.

Benefit of Migrating Application from System36 to Linux

The best benefits of migrating applications from system36 to Linux are that the applications in your company can run smoother. Beside of that, the storage consumption can be smaller as well if you use Linux. That is why many people want to move their application from the old system36 to Linux. However, migrating like that is quite complicated. There are many things that you must do to migrate all the data. Compared to rewrite everything and return to zero, migrating seems to be a better idea. All that your company has to do is choosing the IT integrator company to help you do all the migration. It has to be a professional company because basically all data in your company is going to be migrated through their hand.

Infinite Solution to the Rescue

If you want to find that sort of professional company, you just have to call Infinite Solution. It is a great and professional IT Integrator company that will help you migrating your data. There are many migration packages available and it includes the package for small company with10 users. In that package, you can get 1TB of storage and you can also get your data migrated to Oracle. The storage is 100% cloud hosted and of course you can migrate your applications (COBOL applications or RPG applications) from system36 to Linux. It is great and going to solve all the problems.